Salesforce Surveys – What You Need to Know

Hemant Bhatia – Salesforce Consultant at Bluewave shares his knowledge about Salesforce Surveys, the different licences available, and how to get the most out of this solution.


Introduced in the Spring 18’ release, Salesforce provided an Out-Of-Box(OOB) feature called Salesforce Surveys to help customers to collect customer feedback. This can be grouped under the topic Salesforce Feedback Management, available in both Classic and Lightning. The Salesforce Surveys feature understands customer feedback as it evolves by engaging customers and users with relevant, personalised surveys. Customers can incorporate Survey data into the feedback management process and gain actionable insights at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

Salesforce Surveys can be easily configured and ready to be used within a couple of hours once the Feedback Management licences are available in Salesforce org. This blog post is designed to help users to understand what licences they may need for their organisation, as well as to share the benefits of Salesforce Surveys.


Licences – What’s Available

Salesforce Feedback Management is available in three different types of licences: 

Salesforce Feedback Management provides almost the same features in all three licences but has added some additional features in Feedback Management – Starter/Growth. The standard features include basic survey creation, using branching logic for dynamic questions, embedding a question in emails, using flows to send surveys, plus multiple-language support. Apart from these, the Survey Response Pack provides 1000 responses per pack whereas the Starter Pack allows 100K responses and the Growth Pack has unlimited responses. 

Some additional features which are not available in the Survey Response Pack are: adding attachments, using merge fields, creating branching logic based on merge fields, creating update records based on responses, gathering post-chat feedback, and embedding the survey on a webpage. Additionally, the Growth Pack allows customers to track surveys sent across the customer lifecycle. 

Salesforce Surveys allow customers to use customer lifecycle analytics to analyse their survey responses and gain more insight. This feature is made available to all three types of licences, but for the Survey Response Pack, an additional licence needs to be purchased by the user. With the Feedback Management – Growth and Starter Packs, users get 5 user licences as part of the package.


What Licence do you need?

Salesforce Surveys is an easy-to-use OOB feature which has a lot of potential, the key benefit is that it’s an in-house product, meaning that customers won’t have to look for an other third-party tool, and hope that it will integrate with Salesforce. Instead, this product is designed to fit in seamlessly within Salesforce; this harmonious functionality set up allows customers to get the most out of the solutions they’re using. 

Customers with a large data set that are seeking frequent feedback from the end-users on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Marketing Cloud should potentially look into the Feedback Management – Starter Pack, but if tracking surveys across the customer lifecycle is really important, then the Growth pack is what you should be looking for. The Survey Response Pack is best suited to small or medium-sized organisations; most of the benefits can be yielded by creating primary surveys and using the responses to gain insights, but features like personalisation (eg: Merge Fields on the survey itself) would be affected in the Survey Response Pack.


Key Features 

Salesforce Surveys provide several interesting features, which are available on the Feedback Management licences, these can be really helpful if the surveys need to be personalised as per the end user, or need to track the customer lifecycle. Some notable features are highlighted below:


Why Salesforce Surveys?

Salesforce Surveys isn’t the only feedback management option out there, but here’s why we think it may be one of the best:

  1. Since Salesforce Surveys is an OOB feature of Salesforce, it comes with its own data structure and connects well with already existing Sales or Service Cloud architecture. It unifies feedback with already existing data by mapping survey responses to any Salesforce object.
  2. With Salesforce Surveys, users can automatically trigger a new task or follow-up emails, depending on the survey filled by the customer. This is a great way to improve customer service.
  3. This agile solution allows you to personalise surveys using Merge Fields, which gives you more power and flexibility on the survey forms.
  4. Salesforce Surveys also provides you with instant feedback by adding a survey immediately after the service interaction, ensuring you are gathering the most accurate feedback possible. 
  5. It also provides you with the flexibility of sending surveys across multiple channels like post-chat, emails, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

There are many third-party applications available which allow organisations to gather feedback from customers, which may work well and carry a similar cost compared to Salesforce Surveys. However, a clear disadvantage of these applications is that all the data does not sit within the Salesforce ecosystem – so how can they perform as flawlessly as a solution designed to do just that?


To summarise this blog: Salesforce Surveys is a great option to collect customer feedback and sits very well with the Salesforce ecosystem. The best features allow you to personalise the whole survey experience and also track the feedback lifecycle, while also providing assurance about security and data management.

To find out more about how Salesforce Surveys could benefit your organisation, get in touch with a member of our team today.