The Bluewave Way™

Our proven implementation process has led to the delivery of over 250 successful Salesforce projects and engagements over the last decade. We’ve designed The Bluewave Way™ to flex and adapt to meet your needs, read more about our agile and collaborate approach below.

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Delivering Success

The Bluewave Way™ is your company’s path to successful, effective Salesforce solution deployment and integration.

One Team / One Solution

From the outset, it is important that the team in Bluewave and our customer engage on the journey as a single team, operating together sharing common goals, knowledge, timelines and methods. Our other active engagements have included direct integration of our team into the customer, with a commonality of purpose to ensure the project is successful.

Provide Value

Leveraging our experience over years of design and implementation we will work with you performing analysis, providing options and insight towards driving the delivery of the best possible solution within project constraints. We will help you develop a roadmap for continuous delivery and ROI.

Aim for adoption

A solution, no matter how well architected, is a failure if adoption is poor. Bluewave will work with you to identify success criteria and metrics, ensuring the design, build and delivery of the solution is focused on the user at all times. Training and post delivery hypercare or support should consistently align with the users’ needs. The User Interface and User Experience is key to design, and our principles in design will put the user at the centre of everything we do.

Single View

From a UI/UX perspective, creating a single view of the element from one screen at all times is key. Be this a specific process, prospect, sales opportunity, team or marketing campaign, all information needed should be to hand on screen.

Drive Efficiencies

The solution, as a part of success criteria, needs to be considered with providing process efficiencies and reducing complexity, duplication and effort at all times. Be this from process automation, data searching, contract management or data entry/validation, baselining current “as is” versus project versus actual effort will be a useful guiding metric to be considered.