Membership Management Software

Salesforce-powered membership software by Bluewave, designed to help your organisation cater to its members


Member Management Software

Bluewave offers a full membership experience for organisations looking to improve member management, communication, and retention. Our membership solutions will help your organisation centralise data, manage member portals, handle payments, and host successful events.

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge from Bluewave’s expert consultants. We will help you deliver features and benefits that will revolutionise member interaction. From seamless member onboarding and renewal processes, to simplified event registration and payments – both one off and regular, our membership solutions cover every aspect of member management and communication for your organisation.

Solutions for Membership Organisations

Our bespoke approach to solution development can include any number of the following features:

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    Membership Database Design and Migration

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    Membership Payments - One Off and Recurring

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    Membership Experiences

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    Membership Marketing and Comms

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    e-Shop Provision / Integration

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    Membership Portals

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    Officer Portals

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    Event Solutions

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    Complex Pricing

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    Volunteer Management

What We Offer

Choose Bluewave as your membership solutions provider.

Independent Salesforce Consultancy

Bluewave is an independently owned Salesforce partner. We deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers, built using experience gathered over the course of 10+ years as experts on the Salesforce platform. We don’t ask you to purchase apps from us, we tailor the Salesforce platform to your requirements.

360 Degree View of your Members

One of the most common requirements for our customers is a centralised platform, where all information about a member can be viewed in one place. This will often require migration of data from legacy systems and integrating with other solutions and existing technology. We design, plan, and implement with this in mind. As a result, our solutions provide a transformative effect for your internal stakeholders, as well as for the experience of the members that engage with your organisation.

Membership Experiences

We utilise Experience Cloud – a platform that allows us to build effective member experiences. This allows members to engage with your organisation, swap documentation and communicate, access exam results, book events, make payments, browse content, and much more. The same experiences can be delivered for your organisation’s partners, office holders, and volunteers. Our skilled consultants utilise Salesforce’s prebuilt templates and tailor them to fit your organisation’s requirements.

Third Party Apps

The Salesforce Eco System has multiple app based solutions available in the Salesforce AppExchange. Often, it can be prudent to use a pre-built solution rather than build from scratch. As an independent solution provider, we offer advice around best in class apps available in the AppExchange for requirements around payment management, events management, e-commerce and more. You, as our customer, are not tied to us as a solutions provider through ongoing app subscriptions and can instead contract directly with the app provider, allowing for more freedom.


Bluewave has delivered successful digital transformation projects for member organisations across multiple industries:

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    We’ve worked with several with education organisations - from large universities to certification and auditing bodies. Bluewave will leverage our previous knowledge to challenge your existing processes and to deliver solutions designed to cater to your needs. We draw from our breadth of experience to suggest new and better ways of working, while respecting the uniqueness of your organisation.

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    Political Parties

    Having worked for many years with a large political party, we understand the needs of parties that wish to manage both their members, but also their branch structure and office bearers. Bluewave has experience managing member payments within Salesforce, sign ups for initiatives, member portals, office bearer portals, communications, reporting, and much more.

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    Bluewave is one of the most experienced non-profit solution partners in the UK and Ireland, working with a number of medium to enterprise non-profit organisations. We are currently supporting multiple non-profits in their digital transformation journeys - helping them to migrate from legacy platforms to more modern, low-code solutions on Salesforce. Our work is enabling them to better champion important causes and support those in need.

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    Member Organisations

    Our experts have found many common themes across membership organisations in many industries. We utilise that knowledge in delivering solutions to support either full digital transformations or solutions to specific business challenges that membership organisations currently face. Where specialised apps are required, we provide independent advice on best in class apps for events, payments, online shops, document generation, and much more.

Why Bluewave?

Bluewave is an award winning Platinum Salesforce Partner. Our experts have a total of over 400 certifications and we have completed more than 250 successful projects. We are extremely proud of our consistent top level customer CSAT score , a near-perfect 4.8 out of 5.

Our organisation has over two decades of experience supporting our customers in the delivery of enterprise solutions, solely focused on Salesforce since 2010. Our locally-based team consists of highly certified and experienced Salesforce experts that know how to analyse, design, build, deliver, and test solutions on the Salesforce platform, to an exceptional standard.

Bluewave is a recognised MemberWise Membership Solutions Provider. Learn more here.

Bluewave Membership Customers

  • cipd
  • SNP
  • VHI Healthcare

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How We Do It

Our unbiased approach to building solutions means that rather than expecting organisations to sign up for subscriptions through us, we can instead build the best solution for every customer, using a selection of tools available to us through our many partnerships with Salesforce, Amazon, DocuSign, FinDock, and more.

  • AWS Certified
  • Salesforce
  • SmarterPay
  • Findock
  • Conga
  • Blackthorn
  • Docusign

For more information about our Membership Solutions Service, or to book a consultation with one of our experts, contact us now.