Sprinklr Partnership Announcement

Bluewave is announcing this latest partnership to help enterprise level customers manage their customer experiences across Salesforce and Sprinklr platforms.


About Sprinklr

Enterprise Software for Unified-CXM
Sprinklr is a leading enterprise software company for all customer-facing functions. With advanced AI, Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform helps companies deliver human experiences to every customer, every time, across any modern channel. Headquartered in New York City with employees around the world, Sprinklr works with more than 1,000 of the world’s most valuable enterprises — global brands like Microsoft, P&G, Samsung and more than 50% of the Fortune 100.

Sprinklr’s mission is to enable every organisation on the planet to make their customers happier. Sprinklr’s vision is to be the world’s most loved enterprise software company, ever.


About Bluewave

Innovation with experience.
Bluewave Technology is a privately owned Platinum Salesforce Partner founded in Dublin, Ireland in September 2000. Our highly skilled technical experts have built an excellent reputation for customer success, by providing bespoke digital solutions and consultancy services. Our proven implementation process has led to the delivery of over 250 successful Salesforce projects and engagements in the last decade.

We utilise Salesforce-powered technology to help organisations in the public and private sector achieve successful digital transformations.


Why has Bluewave Partnered with Sprinklr?

Sprinklr provides a class-leading CXM platform, which perfectly compliments Salesforce’s Cloud infrastructure. One of the key offerings that caught our attention is their social platform management technology. Bluewave understands that enterprise customers require a tool to manage their social interactions and advertising all in one place, and we believe Sprinklr provides the best solution on the market today.

Salesforce recently announced the retirement of its existing social media management platform: Social Studio, in November 2024. From July 2022, Social Studio subscriptions won’t be renewable. The deprecation of Social Studio has left a gap, which we feel is best filled by Sprinklr.

Sprinklr offers an interface that can be surfaced directly in Salesforce, providing the Salesforce user with a view of their social interactions with a customer in their Sales Cloud or Service Cloud environment. This platform works in harmony with Salesforce technology to support an enterprise organisation’s Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Teams.

Bluewave is one of only two UKI Dual Certified Salesforce and Sprinklr Partners. We look forward to bringing the power of Sprinklr and Salesforce to our customers.


Working Together

Bluewave has worked directly with Sprinklr on a number of recent projects where security was a key factor. Through building this relationship, we learned how their platform can compliment Salesforce’s offering in the market. Bluewave and Sprinklr will look to provide our customers with best in class Salesforce Solutions, leveraging Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform with a strong focus on Social Platform integration with Salesforce.

“Bluewave has been working with Sprinklr over the last year to provide a Unified-CXM experience for our customers, integrated with the Salesforce Platform. Bluewave are a Platinum Salesforce Partner and a Certified Sprinklr partner. We look forward to delivering modern, industry leading Customer Experience solutions for our customers on the best platforms available in the industry” – Finian Quinn, Business Development Director at Bluewave


If you’d like to know more about how our Salesforce-powered custom implementations could benefit your organisation, please contact us today.