Bringing Our Net Zero Agenda to Furthr Festival

Bluewave Technology Invited to Present at Furthr Festival

We were invited to give a keynote speech at Furthr Festival in Dublin. Here’s an overview of our experiences at the event, plus more details on our sustainability presentation.

Following the launch of our collaborative project with Salesforce: the Dublin Carbon Calculator and our appearance at the ODCAC showcase, Furthr got in touch with us and asked us to present at Furthr Festival 2022. On the 21st October, our Net Zero Lead: Finian Quinn was joined on stage by Salesforce’s Regional Vice President of Public Sector Sales in Ireland – John Stobie to discuss how individuals and organisations can contribute to Ireland’s 2030 Net Zero goals.

“We were delighted with the invitation to Furthr Festival to deliver our “Counting Carbon” presentation with our close partner Salesforce. Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud’s ability to manage an organisation’s carbon footprint and our experience implementing it, is proving invaluable to businesses, non-profits, and public sector organisations that are embarking on their sustainability journey. Furthr brought together leading thinkers from within the Sustainability world to present their findings and share ideas. It was hugely thought provoking and inspiring to see the range of innovative solutions that are emerging in this exploding industry.  We were very grateful to play our part in that also.” – Harry Dunne, CEO at Bluewave

Arriving at Furthr Festival

Our Experience at Furthr Festival

Bluewave’s representatives: Finian Quinn, as well as our CEO, Harry Dunne, arrived at Dublin Convention Centre early to scope out the event. Furthr Festival is an event designed for innovators of all kinds: from entrepreneurs to tech-savvy public sector leadership; all were welcomed at the event, and there was something there for everyone. The event had a whopping five stages: the Insights Stage, Innovation Stage, Transformation Stage, Sustainability Stage, and the Investment Stage, as well as additional rooms for workshops around Emerging Futures, Innovation Exchange, and Profit with Purpose.

Before leaving for our presentation, Finian and Harry were able to attend some interesting talks, including “Don’t Stop Believing: In Conversation with Ken Cahill of SilverCloud Health” – a talk about the dedication and focus it takes to launch and maintain a successful HealthTech organisation, as well as “Leading Through Uncertainty” – a conversation between Gina London, Robert Mauro, and Niamh Graham who provided their insights into how to help organisations adapt to our fast-paced, ever evolving society. Next up, they visited the Sustainability Stage, just in time to catch “Demystifying the Circular Economy” – a conversation between Sarah Miller, Sabrina Decker, Paul McSweeney, and Joanne Rourke which covered how the circular economy brings more sustainable solutions that can help solve some of the key issues we’re facing today.

About our Presentation

At 11:35, Finian and John presented their keynote speech: “Is Counting Carbon the New Calories?” on the Sustainability Stage at Furthr Festival. This talk was about the importance of carbon reporting, with the aim of raising attendee awareness of how much carbon dioxide is emitted in the production and use of their organisation’s products/services. Our speakers explained why they should care about this, as well as how to understand, manage, and most importantly: decrease their carbon footprint.

As part of this keynote, John and Finian also presented the Dublin Carbon Calculator to the audience at Furthr. The DCC is an innovative tool that was designed to help the citizens of Dublin take action against climate change, as part of the Open Data Climate Action Challenge. In response to the challenge, Bluewave and Salesforce collaborated to create an interactive citizen-facing solution that the people of Dublin could use to track their individual carbon footprint, and see how actions that they took – for example: using public transport, or installing a heat pump – would positively contribute to Dublin’s ambitious Net Zero target.


“Bluewave were delighted to be invited to the Furthr event Sustainability Stage to speak about our Dublin Carbon Calculator. We discussed how data can be used to support behaviour change. It was encouraging to hear other organisations talking about the importance of being able to track carbon emissions effectively for both Scope 1 and 2,  but also Scope 3, upstream and downstream. Our talk focused on how effective data tracking and carbon accounting, producing reports and dashboards that can be shared internally and externally allows organisations to plan effectively and analyse data in real-time instead of an annual snapshot that is often out of date before it is presented” – Finian Quinn, Net Zero Practice Lead at Bluewave

If you were unable to attend our keynote speech at Furthr Festival, you can watch a demo of our Dublin Carbon Calculator here.

You can also access the calculator for free on Tableau’s public interface, here.


Our speakers also discussed the power of the Net Zero Cloud platform – an exciting new solution from our partners at Salesforce designed to help businesses reach their Net Zero goals, faster. As a Platinum Salesforce Partner, we’ve been working closely with Salesforce to deliver custom Net Zero Cloud deployments, and we look forward to sharing our insights and experiences with the tool at future events.

“Bluewave and Salesforce are working together to enable businesses to account for their Carbon, waste and water usage with Net Zero Cloud and the power of Tableau, providing them with a powerful platform where all of their Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions can be tracked in real time providing internal and external stakeholders with 1 collaborative platform to accelerate their journey towards Net Zero.” – Finian Quinn, Net Zero Practice Lead at Bluewave

If you’d like to know more about how Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud platform could benefit your organisation, you can watch a demo here.

A Great Opportunity

We’d like to thank the team at Furthr for reaching out to us with the offer to present at their well-established, innovative event. We’re proud to see our efforts towards building a more sustainable future recognised by the industry, and to be counted amongst the growing voices within the sustainable business space. We’d also like to thank John Stobie for joining us on stage to present our joint project, as well as the team at Salesforce, their Tableau experts, and our technical team for helping us build the Dublin Carbon Calculator. Finally, we’d like to thank Smart Dublin – an organisation counted amongst Furthr Festival’s sponsors – for inviting us to the ODCAC Showcase (which you can watch in full, here), where we presented the Dublin Carbon Calculator for the first time, now leading to this extended level of recognition.

As a business, we will continue to champion sustainable initiatives and work towards our own Net Zero goals, while helping other organisations across the UK and Ireland achieve theirs.

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