Bluewave Technology Invited to Present at Furthr Festival

Bluewave Technology Invited to Present at Furthr Festival

We’ve been invited to give a keynote speech at this week’s Furthr Festival in Dublin. Find out more about our presentation, and the event itself below.

In response to Dublin’s Open Data Climate Action Challenge, we teamed up with our trusted partners at Salesforce to create the Dublin Carbon Calculator – an innovative tool designed to help the citizens of Dublin take action against climate change. Dublin’s Net Zero goals are ambitious and the average citizen may feel like any changes they make are just a drop in the ocean against the weight of the task at hand. We designed the DCC to demonstrate to citizens that every choice they make can contribute to Dublin’s sustainability goals in a meaningful way.

This project was one of seven sustainability projects shortlisted by Smart Dublin, and we were offered the opportunity to present at their ODCAC showcase. Following this, the Dublin Carbon Calculator received a mention in The Irish Times, where Bluewave’s sustainability efforts were acknowledged to a huge audience. Our next big opportunity to discuss our Green Agenda will be at Furthr Festival, this Friday.

About Furthr Festival

Founded in 1988, Furthr provides Irish founders with consultancy, workshops, events and investment opportunities to help them to start and scale businesses. Further’s experts have helped more than 500 start-ups reach secure investment, accelerate their businesses, and go on to become huge successes, through their business progression programmes. These success stories include Zipp, Gasgon Medical, ExamFly, and Wellola to name just a few. Alongside their hands-on business nurturing, they also provide networking opportunities that allow business leaders to connect and learn, as well as large-scale events, like Furthr Festival.

Furthr Festival (previously known as Futurescope) takes place at Dublin Convention Centre on the 21st October 2022. On this date, over 1500 people will gather to explore business opportunities, discover new transformative technologies, and address big global challenges. Furthr Festival is an event that embraces emerging technologies and promotes business development, growth, and success. The event attracts innovators and collaborators every time it’s held, with everybody from entrepreneurs and tech researchers, to scale-ups and investors, to tech multinationals and innovative Irish enterprises all attending and willing to share insights. We are delighted to have been invited to be counted among these groups, and to have the opportunity to present at such an exciting event.

About our Presentation

You’ll find Bluewave on the Sustainability Stage at 11:35am giving our keynote speech: “Is Counting Carbon the New Calories?” In this presentation, Finian Quinn – our Net Zero Practice Lead and Business Development Director – will give a talk about the importance of carbon reporting. We want to know if consumers are aware of how much carbon dioxide is emitted in the production and use of all of their products, should they care about this, and what they can do to understand and manage their carbon footprint.

As part of this keynote, we’ll present the Dublin Carbon Calculator to our audience at Furthr; sharing the background story behind the tool and also providing a demonstration of how it works. The DCC is an example of how accessible carbon reporting can be, but Finian will also discuss the power of the Net Zero Cloud platform – an exciting new solution from our partners at Salesforce designed to help businesses accelerate their path to Net Zero. We’ve been working closely with Salesforce to deliver custom Net Zero Cloud deployments, and we believe its features will be very interesting to the business innovators at Furthr.

If you’re attending Furthr Festival this year, be sure to head over to the Sustainability Stage at 11:35. Finian and our CEO: Harry Dunne will also be available afterwards for questions.

About Bluewave

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Bluewave Technology is an independent, privately owned Platinum Salesforce Partner founded in Dublin, Ireland in September 2000. Over the past 20+ years, our experts have built a solid reputation for providing bespoke digital solutions and consultancy services. Our goal is to help organisations of all sizes, from the public sector to .com, take their internal and external processes to the next level.



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