Part 2: Who is the boss here!? Five ways you can make sure Pardot is working for you.

Part 1 of this series looked at Pardot Folders, Roles and Master Email Templates.  Now read on for further tips shared by the certified Pardot Consultants at Ireland and the UK’s premier Salesforce Platinum Partner consultancy.

 4. Custom Redirects 

Sadly, Custom Redirects are up there with one of the most underused features in Pardot Orgs.  The good news is that they are one of the most powerful features when used correctly.

Say your Company is mentioned in a great article by a well-known news source, we can take advantage of a Custom Redirect inside a Social Post allowing us to track who has clicked on our Social Post to get to the article, and additionally letting us make the most of the Completion Actions that we can add to a Custom Redirect.

Completion Actions

Using Completion Actions to tag people who have clicked on your Social Post as “Socially Engaged” is an easy win, this gives us a nice attribute to use if we wanted to gather a list going forward of those prospects who are social advocates

5. Organisation & Planning

The final item on the list isn’t a Pardot feature, or a hidden trick, but something the certified Pardot consultants at Bluewave Technology see in our Pardot enablements time and time again, the lost art of planning.

Engagement Programme

A Planning and Engagement Programme is absolutely crucial to successfully achieving your automated digital marketing goals. The best first step you can do for an Engagement Programme is to get together with your team and draw out your journey on a whiteboard. This lets you get an idea of how your journey will work, the content that is required, and how you can distribute the workload. 

The creation of an Engagement Programme in Pardot is easy: the challenge comes in the preparation and the creation of the component pieces of content. If you plan this ahead of time, when the time comes to build your Engagement Program, it essentially becomes a Lego sculpture, with all of the blocks and instructions pre-created and nicely laid out before you. Bluewave Technology as Platinum Salesforce partners have assisted many customers with this planning stage and will be able to guide you to ensure a successful execution of your engagement strategy.

Over to you!

We hope these tips have given you something to consider in how you use Pardot. We’d love to hear your own tips using the Form that follows.

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Author – Jordan Renwick

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