Seemis – Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Our Client

Based in Glasgow, SEEMiS has been providing Education Management Information Software to second level schools in Scotland for over 20 years.

Management Challenge

SEEMiS had been using their existing service desk system for many years. As their business grew, they realised that this application was no longer fit for purpose. Providing first class helpdesk and service support is a major requirement for specialist software providers. SEEMiS required a proven service platform that could allow them handle the queries or cases efficiently.

An extensible solution was also a priority as with future growth anticipated, this new application would need to be built upon, in the short and long term. This solution would need to be implemented quickly and with no impact on existing service or clients. was identified as the best option on the market. Bluewave has a clear track record in implementing service desk solutions and a proven capacity to handle large projects.

Service Cloud Implementation

This project required a number of distinct steps and after gaining a complete understanding of their business and requirements, we set to work. The Salesforce Service Cloud solution stood out as the best fit. Our first task was to configure the Salesforce map to integrate directly with ITIL (IT Service Management approach). All data was then imported to the Salesforce platform. A direct link to their data warehouse was also required. And this allowed SEEMiS to synchronise their customer information on a daily basis.

Training was a core requirement of our overall solution and workshops were completed to ensure all staff members felt confident working with the new platform. Technical support was provided throughout the earlier phase of the project. But typically, users do not feel the need for any support once the platform is up and running. Checkpoint meetings were held at every stage of the process to keep all parties up to date.


SEEMiS chose Salesforce as their platform and Bluewave as their implementation partner for specific reasons. And the project was successful with many positive outcomes.

Inbuilt Salesforce automation means that cases can now be routed automatically, resulting in real savings in time and hassle – it also means no cases are missed.
The Solid reporting engine allows them visibility into areas of the solution that need attention.
New training programmes ensured all team members were comfortable using the new platform.
With self-service a key element of Salesforce solutions, SEEMiS clients could now self-serve in many different scenarios.

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