Kepak Convenience Foods

Fast food specialist puts increased sales on the menu utilising Bluewave and


One of Ireland’s best known food brands, Kepak is a market leader in many food sectors. The Kepak Convenience Food (KCF) division supplies quality meat-based fast food products and business expertise and guidance to restaurants all over Ireland.


Specifically, they needed a mobile-based app that would allow their commercial team easily log any of the activities that took place on a site visit. This might include what orders were taken, what products were being trialled and much more. The more information and detail gathered, the greater the picture of the customer and their ongoing requirements would be. Bluewave was chosen to meet the challenge utilising


The first task was to take complete stock of how the existing sales or account management process works. The team at Bluewave sat down with Kepak and detailed the process from start to finish. Work could then begin on building the hybrid Android app that was required to meet their goals on the platform.

The customisation of the existing platform was carried out on Salesforce’s own platform The new features that were customised included the ability to add updates and events offline and then when the device went online, these would synchronise with the system.  Bluewave Technology has more certified staff than any other provider in Ireland and also carried out comprehensive training courses.


The impact of the new Salesforce app will have direct but also indirect positive results.

  • Up-selling and account management – at the click of a mouse, the sales team can see how ready a client is for a new product or service and by assessing the data, they may see opportunities for complementary products or services.
  • Management visibility – all management levels now have on-demand marketing intelligence and this can help them make decisions on staffing, resources and ongoing sales and marketing campaigns too.
  • Happier workforce – the new solution means the sales team don’t have to spend too much time on admin or unnecessary phone calls and emails.
  • Proven provider – by working with a trusted Salesforce partner in Bluewave Technology with experience in mobile application design and build on the platform, KCF could be sure they had the right platform finely-tuned to deliver exactly what they needed.

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