Bluewave Shortlisted for the GEM Awards

Bluewave is delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for Northumbrian Water’s GEM Awards 2023.

Northumbrian Water Group’s Going the Extra Mile awards have returned for 2023, celebrating a number of innovative organisations that have worked hand in hand with NWG to achieve success this year. The Bluewave team is excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for two awards, as a result of our close collaboration with NWG on a large-scale digital transformation project.


About the GEM Awards

As NWG strives to be the national leader in the provision of sustainable water and wastewater services, the organisation is recognising the supply partners that have helped contribute to this goal. The GEM Awards are NWG’s supplier recognition initiative, designed to help the organisation create an environment where suppliers feel valued and are driven to deliver outstanding service. With the awards, Northumbrian Water aims to promote, highlight and celebrate the crucial role that suppliers play in the day to day success of the business.

The GEM Awards consists of twelve award categories this year – an expanded list, due to all of the impressive projects that NWG and its partners contributed to this year. Out of over 80 submissions, 55 entries have been shortlisted, with Bluewave being counted twice among these. You can check out that shortlist here.


Bluewave’s Contribution

Bluewave was first brought on to design, develop, implement and enhance an online self-service developer portal and an interlinked internal customer relationship management tool to help improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This project began in July 2021, with the first phase of the developer portal going live in early February the next year. Since then, Bluewave has continued to work with NWG to develop and implement a Salesforce Transformation Roadmap that is aligned to NWG’s strategy goals and objectives. This comprehensive digital transformation resulted in an incredible working relationship between Bluewave and Northumbrian Water, where both parties worked together in a collaborative and agile manner, in order to successfully achieve NWG’s goals.

 “The engagement model taken between NWG and Bluewave has been defined and continues to set the standard of a “one team” approach. The interaction, collaboration and engagement by various team members in both companies is a true example of agile delivery done to the highest standard.” – Paul Mooney, Sales Director at Bluewave


Bluewave’s Achievements

Bluewave has been shortlisted for NWG’s “Unrivalled Customer Experience” Award, an award designed to thank organisations who have helped keep customers at the heart of everything that Northumbrian Water does. Here at Bluewave, we pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled customer experience and excellent outcomes for our clients, so it’s fantastic to be recognised as successfully achieving that goal here. We are counted amongst Mott MacDonald Bentley, Shout Digital, and Mazaru in this category.

Bluewave has also been shortlisted for the “Achieving a Great Result” Award – the award designed to acknowledge suppliers that delivered exceptional results to NWG by going above and beyond the standard scope of their contract. Bluewave was able to support Northumbrian Water’s corporate goals and wider business strategies, as well as flawlessly executing the work we were contracted to do. We are proud to stand alongside Esh Construction, Matt MacDonald Bentley, and Esh-Stantec in this category.

We’d like to thank the Northumbrian Water team for recognising Bluewave’s efforts, and we look forward to attending the upcoming award ceremony.

“As the Delivery Director at Bluewave, I am incredibly proud of the transformative solution we delivered in collaboration with NWL. Our team’s expertise and dedication to ensuring longevity and sustainability have solidified us not just as consultants, but as colleagues and friends to NWL’s Developer Services team. I extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire NWL team for their unwavering support and commitment to excellence throughout this fantastic implementation journey.”  – Lorraine Nolan, Delivery Director at Bluewave


Bluewave Shortlisted for the Northumbrian Water NWG GEM Awards Going the Extra Mile Awards

About NWG

Northumbrian Water Group is a leading performer in the utilities industry, providing the best quality water and effective sewerage services to citizens and businesses in Northumbria, Essex, and Suffolk. Sustainability is at the core of NWG’s purpose; the organisation greatly values the natural capital and ecosystems that we all depend on, and works towards protecting and enhancing the environment. Northumbrian Water is also passionate about meeting customers’ needs and having a positive impact on local communities. The organisation is extremely customer focused, results driven, ethical, innovative, and is proud to work as one team.

Northumbrian Water focuses on delivering reliable and resilient services that are vital to public health, giving unrivalled customer experiences every time, empowering internal teams, making positive contributions to society, and demonstrating the organisation’s value within the utilities sector.


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