Bluewave AI Accelerators

Take the First Step on your AI Journey

Salesforce now offers more than 50 distinct AI-powered features across the core clouds.

From predictive, and cognitive, to generative AI, this growing portfolio of tools enables organisations to unlock time savings and scale operations like never before. At Bluewave, we’re on a mission to educate our customers on the real value of AI by guiding them through a holistic process, from awareness and education to implementation and beyond. With Bluewave’s new AI Accelerators, our technical experts help you cut through the hype to demystify the actual mechanics behind the magic.

Bluewave’s AI Accelerators are a package of offerings designed to help you get started on your AI journey. Working together, we’ll rapidly identify the AI-powered features within Salesforce that can add value to your customer, partner and employee experiences.

Our AI Accelerators are tailored to the core clouds (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud) and available in three tiers:

  • AI Discovery

    1 Day
    Discover all of the AI-powered features Salesforce offers through practical use cases, weigh the benefits and costs of each, review any compliance and ethical considerations and learn how to further upskill your team for an AI-powered future.

  • AI Navigator

    1 Week
    Navigate directly to the AI-powered features that meet your unique needs. Using our pre-engagement questionnaire, we’ll further personalise the start of your AI journey to ensure specific outcomes. And we’ll co-complete an AI readiness assessment to identify any potential roadblocks ahead.

  • AI Pioneer

    1 Month
    Pioneer a path to deployment and adoption with a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of the AI-powered features that meet your organisation’s unique needs.

Understand and embrace AI with Bluewave AI Accelerators

Our sessions are designed to inform clients of the possibilities of AI-powered experiences in Salesforce and guide them through a holistic process, from awareness and education through implementation and beyond. Here are some key components:

Tailored sessions to educate customers on the AI capabilities relevant to their specific needs and Salesforce instance, focusing on practical use cases and real-world examples.


A comprehensive catalog of AI features and capabilities available in Salesforce for each of the specific clouds.


Our experts will identify specific AI use cases that align with a client's business objectives. This could include a roadmap for AI implementation, prioritising use cases that deliver the most value.


We'll assist customers in creating a business case for AI adoption, this will include ROI projections, cost estimates, and a clear path to achieving measurable outcomes.


We will guide your team through the latest AI solutions from Salesforce

Bluewave's deep technical expertise and proven industry track record provides a path to faster value by decreasing the barriers to entry that exist around understanding and adopting AI.

We will evaluate your data quality, data sources, and existing processes. This would help customers identify areas where AI can be effectively integrated and the potential challenges. *feature-dependencies.


We will develop AI proof-of-concept projects to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of AI features in Salesforce sandboxes.


We will educate customers on AI ethics, compliance, and data privacy considerations. Ensure that their AI implementations align with any known industry and legal standards. *feature-dependencies.


We offer training for customers and their teams, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to leverage AI effectively within Salesforce. Could incorporate AI Associate/Data Cloud Consultant, etc.


We provide ongoing support for customers after the initial AI accelerator engagement. support for AI model optimization, integration, and adaptation as their business evolves.


Why Bluewave?

Bluewave is an award winning Platinum Salesforce Partner. Our experts have a total of over 400 certifications and we have completed more than 250 successful projects. We are extremely proud of our consistent top level customer CSAT score, a near-perfect 4.8 out of 5.

With over 20 years of product and industry expertise on the world’s #1 AI-powered CRM platform, we utilise Salesforce-powered technology to provide bespoke solutions. Our expert consultants, instructors, and AI specialists are here to help you get more value, faster.

For more information about our AI Accelerators, or to book a consultation with one of our experts, contact us now.