Turbocharge your Sales Process with Lightning Experience

Is your sales team still using the Salesforce Classic UI?

Here’s five great reasons to make the switch to Lightning Experience.

Author: Matt Bracewell, Senior Salesforce Consultant

#1 – Guide Users with Path

A ‘Sales Path’ gives admins the ability to highlight key fields and include customized guidance for how to work with records. As a result, team productivity gets a boost and sales reps populate the right data at the right time..

The ‘Guidance for Success’ section even allows you to add images, and URL links. This means your reps always have what they need at their fingertips, for instance, a sales brochure, or pricing matrix. Checkout how to enable Path here.

#2 – View Time in Opportunity Stage

Sure, you can do this out of the box with an Opportunity History Report, but who has time for that? This is another excellent feature of Path, when a user hovers over the stage value they’ll see time spent data. Therefore, sales teams adapt faster, while being more mindful of the individual details and challenges of each opportunity.

#3 – Use Kanban View

Listviews have always been a great support mechanism in Salesforce allowing users to quickly and efficiently work with their data. In Lightning Experience, Salesforce has taken this to the next level by introducing the ‘Kanban’ view. This graphical representation of your data, like most things in Salesforce, is customizable to the user’s preferences based on the field you are grouping by – e.g. opportunity stage and also the field you summarise by like opportunity amount.

The Kanban view allows you to see all your opportunities grouped the way you prefer. Salesforce even applies AI to identify at risk opportunities with a yield symbol indicating when follow up activity is required. A real favorite of any sales team, Kanban also allows you to drag and drop opportunities between columns of the Kanban to automatically update them. Gone are the days of manually clicking into each opportunity just to update the stage. Checkout how to set up a Kanban View here.

#4 – See More with Highlights Panel

The highlights panel contains key fields from a record your users don’t want to scroll and search for. If you’re using Salesforce Classic you would already be familiar with a record’s compact layout. The highlights panel is a turbocharged compact layout for Lightning Experience. Using the Lightning App Builder you can quickly design a Lightning Record Page with the highlights panel at the top. This allows users to quickly identify data that is used on a regular basis.

For example, when viewing a contact record, if you promote telephone numbers, email addresses and the postcode to the top of the page, users don’t lose time digging for contact details. Pro Tip: Configure your highlight panels specific to record types and add formula fields to make data as dynamic and readable as possible. Here’s a refresher on compact layouts.

#5 – Pin List Views

One of the biggest complaints we hear from sales teams using Salesforce Classic is the inability to choose and store a favorite list view as their default. Whether by department or individual preference, users don’t enjoy clicking through to get to the list view they need to do their job again and again. With Lightning Experience, uses can now change an object’s default list view with a pinned list. An object’s pinned list loads as its default list view so no more clicking to get where you need to go! Pinned lists are per user so you don’t have to find census among your team members either.

Honorable Mention – Create Shortcuts

Jump directly to important records, lists, groups, and other frequently used pages in Lightning Experience. ‘Favorites’ in LEX are similar to bookmarks in your web browser, but your favorites list is always available regardless of the browser or computer that you use! Checkout considerations for using Favorites here.
Bluewave have promoted these productivity features to help sales teams transition from Classic to Lightning in a way that delights users and encourages adoption. We’d be happy to help you too! Contact us using the form on this page.

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