Hosting a Scottish Public Sector Networking and Collaboration Day

On the 24th November, Bluewave Technology invited Scottish Public Sector leadership to the COSLA Conference Centre in Edinburgh for a day of knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. 


The event was a fantastic opportunity for our guests to hear from their peers in the Scottish Public Sector, learn about how Salesforce technology is transforming the way organisations are working, and take part in cross-departmental collaboration – interacting with other leaders from departments that they wouldn’t normally interact with. The aim for the day was to share interesting stories, hear from our customers, and encourage the building of relationships between different parts of the Scottish Public Sector. We’re pleased to report that the event was a huge success. 


Check out a video overview of the day’s events here:

Why Scotland? Why Now?

Bluewave Technology has been involved in the Scottish ecosystem for over two decades, delivering solutions in local government, ALBs, departments and political parties. From our time delivering successful digital transformations for our customers in this space, we picked up on the fact that there was a huge desire to leverage knowledge and experiences from colleagues and other departments. 

Over the course of the pandemic and its aftermath, public services around the world were forced to rapidly adapt and deliver digital-first solutions at an unprecedented pace. In order to react to the changing needs of citizens and businesses brought forward by Covid19, forward-thinking Public Sector organisations leveraged solutions like Salesforce. They responded quickly during the peak of the pandemic, and even as lockdowns eased, have continued to deliver solutions at pace with new technologies, focusing on improving user experience and making business processes even more efficient. We invited some of those organisations to share their stories at our event.


Public Sector Networking and Collaboration day at COSLA Edinburgh

Our Speakers

Our CEO: Harry Dunne, Sales Director: Paul Mooney, and Business Development Director and Net Zero Practice Lead: Finian Quinn represented Bluewave at the event with a number of presentations that we felt were relevant to our audience. These included an intro to Bluewave, a highlight reel of some of our most interesting Public Sector case studies in recent years, as well as presentations on how Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud and Net Zero Cloud solutions can be utilised by the Public Sector to improve services, increase engagement, and help organisations reach their carbon emission reduction goals.

Our Speakers - DTS Salesforce Tableau Scottish National Investment Bank

Additionally, we were joined by Lianne McGrory – UK Vice President of Sales for Government & Transport, Public Sector at Salesforce, as well as Andy Cooper and Shane Foster – Senior Solution Engineer and Partner Manager respectively at Tableau. Both gave presentations on how Salesforce technology is supporting and driving change within the Public Sector. We were also lucky enough to host presentations from Stuart McLaughlin – Head of IT at the Scottish National Investment Bank and Liz Craig – Service Owner at DTS. Both speakers were generous enough to share their organisation’s Salesforce journey with our audience and answer questions based on their experience with us.


Building Relationships

Amongst the presentations and learning opportunities was also the chance to speak with Public Sector peers and discuss ideas and opinions. We broke up the day with networking sessions throughout, as well as a Public Sector Roundtable where our audience was able to share the challenges they’re facing currently and draw on the expertise of everyone in the room. It was great to see experts giving advice, and the whole room contributing to solutions to the problems their peers were facing.

This was a safe space for discussion, not a selling environment. We welcomed positive feedback on Salesforce’s solutions, as well as constructive criticism. More than anything though, it was a great chance for organisations who were curious about Salesforce technology to find out what worked well for others, and how these innovative solutions can be applied to their own organisations to drive efficiency and improve user experience. It was also a valuable opportunity to take on feedback from our own customers and potential future customers too.

What’s Next?

This event is the first of many more Public Sector Collaboration Days to come, so please stay tuned and keep an eye on our Events Calendar for updates on when and where the next one will be. As well as in-person events, virtual collaboration opportunities are also in the works too, in order to keep the conversation going between the event attendees and ensure these departments continue to collaborate and share experiences.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our event: our guests, our speakers, our partners at Salesforce, Sopra Steria, and Sprinklr, as well as the Bluewave technical and project management experts who attended as well. Additionally, we’d like to thank COSLA for allowing us to host our event at their Haymarket Conference Centre – an excellent venue that was perfectly suited to our requirements. We look forward to hosting more networking and collaboration events soon.

To find out more about Bluewave’s events, or to discuss what our bespoke, Salesforce-powered solutions could do for your organisation, please contact our team.