Bluewave’s Commitment to Helping the People of Ukraine

Bluewave stands in full support of the people of Ukraine as they deal with this terrible ongoing crisis. Below is a statement from our CEO, as well as donation and employment information, plus a list of some charities that are doing vital work in Ukraine to help keep Ukrainian people safe.


Official Statement from Bluewave

“We have all watched, horrified at the events in Ukraine in the past week; the unprovoked attack on a sovereign country. Thankfully, much of the world has combined in their condemnation, and we all hope that the sanctions imposed will start to produce some positive results over the next few weeks/months.

In the meantime – in a small way, and on behalf of every employee here at Bluewave – we have donated £1000 to the International Committee of the Red Cross. We’ve also included a list below of some charitable organisations that are doing great work helping the Ukrainian people. Additionally, we’ve been in touch with the Department of Foreign Affairs to ascertain if we can assist any refugees from an employment perspective. I know from talking to many within the Bluewave team, that they share my huge concerns over the devastating events that have taken place recently, and I am proud to work with a team that has the highest of human rights standards.” – Harry Dunne, CEO at Bluewave


Below is a list of charities who are committed to helping the people of Ukraine. We will continue adding to this list as time goes on, as well as providing further donations, and seeking to help Ukraine and it’s citizens in any way we can. Please check out this page for further updates as the situation develops.


International Committee of the Red Cross 

Established in 1863, the International Committee of the Red Cross is a neutral, impartial, and independent charity that operates worldwide. Their aim is to help people affected by conflict and armed violence, while using their influence to promote laws that protect victims of war. The ICRC is funded mainly by voluntary donations from governments , Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, and the general public.

Donations to ICRC enable the distribution of food, water, medicine, and shelter to families affected by armed conflict. If you’d like to join Bluewave in making a donation, please do so here:  


Ukraine – World Food Program USA

The United Nations World Food Programme has been actively fighting the world’s worst hunger and famine crises since 1962. The WFP provides lifesaving nutritional meals to 135 million of the world’s most vulnerable people, in over 80 countries per year. Every donation to the World Food Programme helps to build a future where no child goes hungry.

The WFP has launched an emergency operation to provide food assistance for people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries, following an official request from the country’s Government. Donations to the World Food Program will support food assistance to internally displaced people, returnees, hosts, families, and those trapped in conflict hotspots such as present-day Ukraine. To donate, click here:


UNICEF Ukraine

UNICEF – the United Nations Children’s Fund – provides children worldwide with clean water, life-saving food and vaccines, education, psychological support, and protection from violence and war. The organisation has been working with families, local communities, governments, and large organisations in over 190 countries since 1946.

Find out what UNICEF is doing for children in Ukraine here: 


Contact us here for further information.