Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation – Bus Company

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Bluewave help Bus Company on the road to a centralised and more efficient customer service approach


Irish based bus and coach operator providing services throughout Ireland. With a huge network of routes reaching every corner of Ireland, they carry over 75million passengers every year on more than 1300 buses.

Management Challenge

In their customer service centre, agents are now meeting daily targets in terms of calls taken, queries handled and more. With increasing volumes of calls, emails and social media queries to respond to, it became clear that a centralised platform was required to hold and manage all customer correspondence in one place. Although these multiple channels were already being managed using a number of different approaches, one streamlined system would offer significant benefits. Bluewave and Salesforce were selected as the technology partner that could provide the experience and track record to deliver the best project possible.


On this project, our first task was to understand the business comprehensively and establish how the current customer service process worked. Only then could we map the Salesforce Service Cloud platform directly on to this existing workflow. For example, different case resolution processes had to be mapped and every reality that was happening out on the road and on the buses needed to be represented in the application.

Agents needed to be able to log queries on everything from timetables to service levels and much more in between. Salesforce Service Cloud Platform ensured the query was sent to the right person quickly and efficiently.

Built-in metrics come as part of the Salesforce platform and the customer can now demonstrate how targets are met, without the need for any add-on reporting. The full solution was live in under two months and full training was provided and staff were showed how to manage and maintain their system on a daily basis.


Centralised customer service resource now means full visibility for all team members on existing or new logged queries.
Faster resolution time – visibility leads directly to a decrease in how long it takes individual agents to log and resolve queries. And as a result, every agent can handle more queries than ever before.
Trends – now that all information and customer queries are stored in one location, management can identify service trends and put in place specific strategies to deal with issues like rising traffic levels, route suitability and more.
Happier customers – most importantly of all, now that calls and queries are being handled faster and resolved quicker, the customer’s passengers feel more valued and are happier with the service. And happier customers travel more often with a customer-focused service.

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