Hotel Marketing Automation – Use your PMS Data

Utilise PMS Data in your Marketing Automation Campaigns

For the first time, integrate your PMS Data effectively with Salesforce CRM. Leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud as your Hotel Marketing Automation System

Connect numerous PMS Systems to Salesforce Using the HAPI Connect Platform

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What can HAPI do?

With available connectors for major PMS systems in the hospitality industry, HAPI have created a set of native Salesforce components to expose PMS data directly within your CRM, thus allowing for the use of this data in your Hotel Marketing Automation System.
All guest records are cleansed, normalised and enriched with publicly available company information based on guests’ email addresses and phone numbers for accurate account production reporting and enhanced guest insights.
Smart data synchronisation rules facilitate bi-directional flows of reservation, account and company records between PMS and CRM with support for large data volumes and high transaction throughput scenarios.

What happens in Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM provides a 360º degree of your hotel customer. In addition to adding booking data to one individual across Company Contacts and Individuals, we can integrate data from other systems and add to the Contact in Salesforce. Restaurant EPOS , Spa Booking, Golf Booking Systems can all be integrated into Salesforce CRM.

Hotel Marketing Automation

Utilising Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Native Connector to Salesforce, All of the individualised and centralised customer data in Salesforce can be used to trigger Hotel Customer Journeys, cross channel and cross device.
Marketing Cloud allows for One to One Personalised Journeys, communicating with a single contact across Email, SMS, In-App Push Message, Social and Search Advertising.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder