Custom Approval Process: A Different Perspective

Anindya Halder – Senior Salesforce Developer and Pavel Hrbáček – Delivery Consultant and Senior Salesforce Developer at Bluewave are presenting at Salesforce’s Czech Dreamin’ later this week, offering a new perspective on the custom approval process. Find out more about how they’ve utilised the power of Apex code to develop an adaptable solution that can keep up with their customer’s frequently changing requirements.


About The Presentation

Approval workflows often stand as gatekeepers, ensuring decisions align with organisational standards. However, when faced with intricate and ever-changing requirements, standard approval process can fall short, leaving businesses grappling with inefficiencies and complexities.

That’s where our new solution comes in. It’s a framework that can handle tricky approval situations, no matter how complex they are. Our client had a long list of requests: they needed approval rules that could change, updates to data in different places, people assigned to tasks on the fly, flexibility during the approval process. It was a big challenge, but we were up for it.

Our approach? We harnessed the power of Apex code stored within text fields, coupled with a custom implementation of the EVAL method for Apex. The best part is our solution is easy to tweak. It’s made for people who know a bit about Apex, so they can adjust it to fit their company perfectly, without feeling stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution. You can find out more details about our solution by attending Czech Dreamin’ later this week.

This blog post currently serves as a placeholder. Post-presentation, Anindya and Pavel will be back to update this blog with more information. Please stay tuned for more developments.



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